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Have a team of people and a problem to solve?

We empower your team with the best of Product Management, Experience Design and Agile Delivery.

Flexible. Affordable. Sustainable.

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What we do

When you’re head-down delivering, it can be hard to get the help you need

On call and in context. We give teams access to the personalised help and support they need, when they need it.
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    Intent-based Training

    Intent-based Training focuses on achieving outcomes rather than delivering PowerPoint slides. We measure the effectiveness of our training based on the level of behaviour change made by each participant.

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    Research & Insights

    We use a combination of Experience Design, HCD and Service Design techniques to keep your delivery connected to your customers.

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    Non-stop Delivery

    We get the job done now, and leave your team with the skills for later.

How we can help

Every project comes with a unique set of unknowns

Beaker & Flint are equipped with the best Product Management, Experience Design and Agile Delivery techniques to help overcome any challenge.

Getting real help isn’t always easy

Our solutions offer help without the hindrance.
Traditional training
is generic and lacking in real-world context
Beaker & Flint
tailor content for your team (we never run the same course twice)
Traditional consulting
is there one day, gone the next
Beaker & Flint
focus on leaving the knowledge in your team
Traditional training
blocks delivery
Beaker & Flint
upskill your team while keeping them productive
traditional training & consulting
are both big batch and hard to scale
Beaker & Flint
deliver iteratively, until the desired outcome is achieved

Sustainable pricing for teams and individuals

On-demand Tools
Training material & resources
1-on-1 Online Coaching
Personalised advice from practising experts
Experts on Site
Our consultants get out into the field
For all teams

The stages of team growth


Have a team of people and a problem to solve?

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